Dear Arbor,
In late November, I had a meeting with Alumni Association President, Ms. Karla Wright and was notified that she may need to resign. During this meeting, she informed me that due to health issues she felt it prudent to step down as President of the Alumni Association, in order to allow someone to be appointed as soon as possible so that the 2020 program year could be kicked off quickly. I asked her to think and pray about it and let me know for sure as soon as possible. Today, I reluctantly accepted her formal resignation.

Over the past two years Karla has been a remarkable leader. Under her tenure the organization has grown and changed in positive ways. Karla has made it clear that she will continue to be actively involved in the Association both directly and as a mentor.

The organizational bylaws mandate that if an officer is unable or unwilling to complete their term of office, as President of the School, I am directed to appoint someone to fill the vacancy until the end of the term. I have discussed the matter of this appointment with the Association’s Executive Committee, Key Staff, and the Board of Directors for Arbor College | School of Massage. As such, it is my distinct pleasure to announce that effective immediately I am appointment Mr. John Scott as Interim President of the Alumni Association to serve the remaining year of Karla’s term.  Please help me thank Karla for her dedicated services and congratulate John in his new role.

Dr. Ed D. Bolden,
Arbor College|School of Massage