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Effective April 1, 2022, the price of a 50-Minute Student Massage will increase to $35.  The new prices will apply to any appointments scheduled or pre-scheduled after Friday, April 1, 2022.

Our Student Massage Clinic is second to none!  Our guests experience student massage services in private, spa-like treatment rooms instead of behind plain hospital curtains.   Arbor’s Student Massage Clinic is an essential component of our Clinical Massage Therapy diploma program.  Guests of the Student Clinic must never forget that this is a class that gives our students an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience working with the general public while at the same time offering our guests a very affordable massage; however, students provide the services, not professionals.   Arbor’s Student Massage Clinic offers a 50-minute Massage provided by a student therapist with proven competency in providing classic relaxation and classic therapeutic massage for only $35.  Student therapists are allowed to incorporate other techniques depending on what coursework they have completed in the program.  Massage appointments are scheduled by appointment only.  We do not take walk-ins.  Please arrive approximately 10-minutes early to check in and fill out any necessary paperwork so that you do not miss any of your session time.  All sessions begin on the hour and end on time.  If you are late, time will be deducted from your session.   Please make sure you read our “Terms of Service” before scheduling your first appointment.

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