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ArborCare™ – Making it Easier to Pay for Your Education

Because we believe that every person has a right to a quality education, we have made it easy and affordable for you to pursue your career in massage and bodywork. Arbor is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals.  We do not participate in the Title IV Federal Financial Assistance program; however, we do accept cash, personal checks, money orders, debit and credit cards.

  • Students may make full payment of tuition and fees at the time of enrollment, obtain tuition assistance from outside agencies, or set up a payment plan using ArborCare™ Program.
  • Qualifying students may be eligible for financial assistance through the State and Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Program.
  • The ArborCare™ Program allows us to help you attain your dreams. We can customize an interest free in-school payment program that works for you.

We care about you, not your money!  Arbor is one of a handful of schools in the nation committed to a “need-blind” admissions process. In other words, we don’t consider your financial situation when we consider your application for admission. We accept fantastic people and make sure Arbor is a possible for them. Arbor is committed to making every effort to work with students in the financial planning process and to ensure that students are able to pursue their educational goals, regardless of their financial resources. This program enables us to choose our students solely on the basis of educational considerations such as talent, promise and ability to contribute to the educational community while removing cost as a barrier to a first rate educational opportunity.  We require that all tuition and fees be paid in-full prior to completion of the program. We do not issue a diploma or a transcript to individuals that have an unpaid balance.  Should you have any questions regarding payment options, please contact the admissions office at 865-450-3330 for additional information.

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