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Clinical Massage Therapy is a highly specialized health care modality that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of soft tissue dysfunction through manual manipulation. The Clinical Massage Therapy diploma is a 620-hour program constructed to facilitates an educational experience that supports the learner in becoming a skilled, caring, Licensed Massage Therapists.  Our curriculum is a well-planned series of courses, each supporting and expanding the learners understanding of massage therapy.  We provide a “real-world” educational experience for our learners that is both challenging and enjoyable.  The teaching format combines facilitated interactive discussion, practical demonstration, individual and small group projects, and supervised massage practice.  The Clinical Massage Therapy Diploma Program at Arbor prepares the student to work in a variety of environments, from rehabilitative work in the medical setting to the calm and serene nurturing setting of a wellness clinic or day spas. We provide an educational experience for our students that is both challenging and enjoyable.  The program is a well-planned series of courses, with each course supporting and expanding the student’s understanding of massage therapy. Our 7.5 month program is organized logically, allowing an intuitive delivery of knowledge and skills to be delivered in a unique and comprehensive manner. The student will gain a solid foundation in fundamental hands-on skills, optimal body mechanics, anatomy and pathology of the human body, an awareness of the mind-body connection, knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, a comprehensive understanding of the client/therapist relationship, and the elements necessary for creating a successful professional practice.  The unique teaching format combines socially engaged, project-based learning is facilitated by our outstanding team of instructors. In the massage technique classes, students learn through giving and receiving hands-on work. To ensure a high level of personal attention and feedback from the instructors and instructional assistants, the school limits enrollment in order to maintain a maximum student/instructor ratio of 14 students to 1 instructor.  This program meets the licensing requirements of most state laws and qualifies the student for the Massage and Bodywork Licensure Exam (MBLEx), as well as the licensing requirements for the State of Tennessee.

Upon successful completion of the Clinical Massage Therapy Program, the student will:

  • be eligible for an entry-level position as a Licensed Massage Therapist,
  • demonstrate a high level of proficiency in Wellness, Therapeutic and Clinical Massage,
  • be eligible for an entry-level position as a Licensed Massage Therapist,
  • demonstrate professional attitudes and ethical practices in all interactions with students and clients.
  • have a entry-level knowledge of the human body within the theory and practice of massage therapy.
  • be knowledgeable of the requirements for establishing a private practice or working in an established setting,
  • be aware of body-mechanics necessary to practice massage therapy.



Anatomy Physiology & Pathology (200)
Clinical Massage (28)
Clinical Sports Massage (16)
Clinical Reflexology (16)
Ethics for Massage Therapist (10)(16)
Career Planning (6)
Energy Work Concepts (16)
Therapeutic Massage (26)
Massage Theory (26)
Wellness Massage (26)
Massage Internship Practicum (225)
Tennessee Massage Law (5)
Business & Marketing (20)

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