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Acceptance & Enrollment

Applicants are notified in writing regarding their acceptance or denial to Arbor within fourteen (14) days of the decision by the Admissions Committee. Upon acceptance, prospective students must complete the following steps to enroll:

  • Sign an Enrollment Agreement. This agreement outlines the program in which the student is enrolled, program costs (including tuition and fees), type of payment, and terms and conditions of enrollment. Students are responsible for all financial, academic, and other policies in effect when they sign their enrollment agreement.
  • Submit a tuition deposit. If an enrolled student elects to cancel their enrollment within five days of the date of enrollment and before the commencement of classes, this fee is refunded, minus a $100 administrative fee.
  • Complete any missing documentation.
  • Make Financial Arrangements for payment of tuition & fees.
  • Students must make arrangements for payment of tuition and fees. If all of the enrollment process steps are not complete before the first day of the program, the student’s enrollment may be canceled.

Enrollment Status

Students who have signed an enrollment agreement with Arbor are considered enrolled full time and are referred to as “Enrolled Student.” Enrolled Students have committed to completing the program within 30 weeks. Enrolled students have priority in course registration, and completing the program promptly, are not affected by tuition increases after their enrollment date as long as the terms and conditions of their enrollment agreement are met.

A Non-diploma Seeking (NDS) Student is enrolled in individual Arbor courses rather than the entire program. NDS students receive neither a diploma nor a certificate of completion for individual courses. Transcripts of coursework completed are available upon request.

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