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Examination Purpose Statement

This Practice Licensure Examination offers Arbor College|School of Massage an opportunity to evaluate the individual student at the conclusion of their educational experience to assess their overall educational development as massage therapists.  The school uses the raw data as markers and indicators internally to determine effectiveness regarding instruction and evaluation methods and to strategically plan and develop the curriculum on an ongoing basis.

From the students’ perspective, this examination is similar in structure and function to the Massage and Bodywork Licensure Examination (MBLEx) administered by the Federation of State Boards of Massage (FSMTB) and gives the student a better understanding of the expectation of the MBLEx.  Probably the most valuable and significant use of this examination is that it is coded to allow the administration to help direct the student in the areas that they may need improvement.  This knowledge will allow students to better plan their post-graduate study time more efficiently and effectively before sitting for the actual licensure examination.   Please read the following directions before beginning the examination. 

  • After starting the examination, you can not ask the proctor any questions regarding the content of the examination.  You can not talk during the examination.  After you have clicked the submit button, you may not go back.  Any questions not answered after the time has expired will be counted as incorrect.  Select the answer that you think best completes the question.  You should only use the information provided and avoid “overthinking” the question. 
  • If you must use the restroom during the examination, you must raise your hand, and the proctor will secure your testing terminal and permit you to exit the examination. 
  • Remember that there are things that you cannot prepare for when taking examinations such as this.  This examination is designed to test your knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge and use critical thinking skills.  You have 110-minutes to complete the examination.  
  • Upon completing the examination, raise your hand, and the proctor will secure your testing terminal.  After your terminal is secured,  please quietly exit the room.